How To Be a Man That Women Want


When meeting women or going on an important first date, first impressions are everything. You need to present yourself as the type of person that women would naturally want to be with. Depending on the depth of your experience and your social skills, this can be a difficult task. Fortunately, there are a few common […]

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A Day In The Life Of A Needy Man


Every woman wants to experience the thrill of falling in love and forever being in the arms of a man who understands her flaws, but still cherishes and loves her every day. However, times are changing and some new trends are beginning to emerge in society. New Breed Of Mamas Boys There has emerged a […]

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Needy Guys… Are You One?

needy guys

Needy guys are everywhere, are you one on them? If you don’t know, keep reading this article as I put forward some sure fire ways to tell if you fall within this category. Additionally, if you are a female, these tips will help you to quickly diagnose a needy guy and be able to do […]

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Help Me! – I Am Needy


In every community, there are those people that become over possessive in relationships. They may be doing this without knowing. They only come to face reality when things have gone overboard. It is good to get advice on how to maintain your relationship before it turns sour. The following signs reveal that you are becoming […]

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People Who Drain You – 3 Simple Ways To Spot Them


Contentment is the jewel of human existence. But there are people who are not content with themselves and are in constant search for satisfaction and approval for themselves. When other people text them, call them, ask them out they think they’re worthy. If they forget, they’ll lose their own self-worth. Nourishment of their life comes […]

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